Schedule at a Glance

Each session will be approximately 90-minutes long and will include a variety of keynote presentations, interactive team building tasks, and Learning Lab breakouts focused on business management.

General Session: ”The Bucket List Life” – Create More Experiences, Share More Stories, and Live More Fulfilled!
Kenyon Salo 

Kenyon Salo, known as the “James Bond of Speaking”, shows you how his three simple concepts of living “The Bucket List Life” will guide you to fulfillment on your life-long journey. During this highly energetic and engaging presentation, you will learn how to create phenomenal experiences, share powerful stories, and help others along the way.

The Bucket List Life and Kenyon Salo will help you elevate your life, both personally and professionally.

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Learning Labs
Dive deeper into the topics that are meaningful to you! The NPMA Learning Labs give attendees an opportunity to share ideas and gain a new perspective on how to better manage their businesses or employees. These are interactive dialogues with other Academy attendees interested in the same topic. 


  • Customer Service: It's Everyone's Job
  • Creating a Culture of Ownership
  • Creating a Competitive Advantage in Recruiting 
  • Sales Metrics/KPIs
  • Creating a Leadership Development Program in Your Company
  • Family Business - Transitioning Between Generations

General Session: Creating a "Yes, And" Culture of High-Level Performance & Engagement
Galen Emanuele  

Galen’s dynamic keynote will profoundly impact the way you communicate, show up, and lead your team. Through simple, skill-building activities, Galen will teach you how to create a cohesive “Yes, And” culture to skyrocket team performance and engagement. You will laugh and learn, coming away with new, powerful tools to enhance your leadership abilities, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and capacity to drive exceptional culture within your organization.