The Academy Learning Labs will take place on Wednesday, July 14 from 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM.

Dive deeper into the topics that are meaningful to you! The Academy Learning Labs give attendees an opportunity to share ideas and gain a new perspective on how to better manage their businesses or employees. These are interactive dialogues with other Academy attendees interested in the same topic. Sessions will be repeated twice on Wednesday allowing attendees the opportunity to attend two different topics.


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Dealing with Stress, Burnout and Mental Health Challenges


Facilitator: Chelsea Avery  

If this past year has shown us anything, it’s not ‘if’ mental health challenges occur but rather, ‘when’ they occur. The juggling of running a business, being an engaged member of your family, and all the other unique identities we each hold, all come down to our internal well-being. This workshop is a unique take on dealing with stress and burnout. We will be exploring the inside-out nature of how we interpret stress, internalize emotions, and the impact it has on us and those around us.

In this workshop, we will

  • Understand what actually leads us to feel stressed.
  • Assess and identify our personal stress triggers in three distinct areas.
  • Discover tangible strategies to relieve, recalibrate and move forward even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Virtual Workplace Management and Communication 


Facilitator: Mickey Thomas, Arrow Exterminators 

The workplace has changed a lot in the past year with the pandemic.  Companies are adjusting to a new way to run an office with more employees working remotely. How do you keep a company culture and lines of communication open while still providing a more flexible working environment? 


Elevating Customer Experience and Retention


Facilitator: Ashley Heavrin, Rottler Pest Solutions

How can each position in your company reinforce great customer service? Learn how to engage employees at every level in the customer service experience, creating an environment centered around the customer experience. 


Sales Challenges in Today’s World


Facilitator: Court Parker, Bug Busters

What are today’s sales challenges and how can your company transform to create more sales? Reaching potential new customers looks vastly different than it did in the past. Learn techniques to innovate and reach new leads and close more deals.  


Marketing and Social Media 


Facilitator: Samantha Kamen, Vault Communications

In the every-changing world of marketing and social media, companies need to be nimble and adapt to the constantly evolving practices and opportunities to promote your company in new and interesting ways. Learn more on social media trends and how you can utilize these in your business for greater visibility. 


How to Empower Your Team to Self-Manage 


Facilitator: Mandy Berkowitz, The Image Marketing Group

It can be exhausting when your team doesn't seem to "get it" or make important decisions as you would.

You know exactly what you need from your team to successfully grow your business - but do they know? Can they recite it back to you?

In this interactive Learning Lab, we’ll unpack best practices for getting your team to be more self-sufficient AND productive. We’ll discuss how to discover your team’s true mission and how to inspire every team member to help you succeed.



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